About Our Office

Advanced MicroEndodontics has the most technologically advanced equipment including Zeiss ProErgo operating microscopes to better visualize your treatment needs, Cone Beam Computed Tomography to achieve 3D images and digital radiography which significantly reduces your exposure to radiation. Our paperless electronic practice management system allows you to register on-line at your convenience.

Our dedicated office staff includes Lori, Tamara, Cara, and Laurie. They are always ready to make your endodontic experience a pleasant one.

"Thank you! That was the most professional, first class dentistry I have ever been involved in. The office staff was courteous, beautiful, helpful and just plain nice. It wasn't the fake nice, but a nice that makes a person just want to smile. They just plain made me think they wanted people to be there, and we've all been in offices where the opposite was true. I was promptly put into a chair and the assistant to the dentist was knowledgeable, professional, and very business like without being overly chatty. The dentist did not perfrom dentistry, but more of an art from within scientific boundaries. She was thorough, didn's ask me any questions when she knew I could not respond, and was so gentle with the drill I thought about asking if she would repeat the procedure just for fun. Seriously, FIRST CLASS OPERATION! Thank you very much. It's rare that something impresses me like the entire operation of that dental office did. From top to bottom, from being aesthetically pleasing, to having no pain during or after the procedure, you are the model for which other offices should strive to be."

Tom A.