Dr. Roghani,

Thank you for the excellent dental work I received. I had no pain or swelling after the root canal procedure and will recommend you highly to anyone seeking dental care.

Wayne S.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

I really appreciate you seeing me and doing the root canal. I was very apprehensive and you and your staff put me at ease. In the future may you and your staff have continued success, health and happiness.

Thanks again,

Carol B.


Dear Nahid,

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful care of Lilyana. We appreciate your excellence and kindness.

Steve R.


Dr. Roghani and wonderful staff,

We appreciate all of you! All the considerations you give to our patients is noticed. We are thankful for our relationship with you! Your staff is friendly and efficient. We have complete confidence in your excellent work.

Wester Dental care


Dr. Roghani,

Thank you for taking such great care of me when I was in last week. You did an incredible job and I am so grateful.

Katie W.


Dr. Roghani,

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful expert treatment during the Covid shutdown. Very safe professional environment and my tooth came through with flying colors.

Thanks again for the great care!

Peter F.


I can not thank you enough for getting me in so quickly. The procedure was totally painless. Thanks for doing an amazing job!

Andrew W.


Thank you for all that you do for our office! Our patients come back with the highest reviews.

Dr. Kristen G.


Dr. Roghani,

I wanted to say thank you for expert services in performing my root canal procedure today. You and your staff were very kind and made me feel at ease the whole time.


Mark B.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience during the challenging root canal treatment. you were wonderful in every way and I thank you for it. Terry says you are the best and I experienced that for myself! you also have a wonderful staff!

Sue R.


Dear Nahid,

A big thank you to you and your staff for providing outstanding service and impressive professional skills for my endodontic treatment. I am sorry I started your day with such a difficult "pulpal morphology". I now know first hand why our referrals to you have always been so positive.


Bill W.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you all so much for making my root canal experience as pleasant and painless as possible. it was very much appreciated. You were all wonderful and I will continue to sing your praises.


Nancy M.



I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate the care you give to my patients. Every one who returns from your office comments on how smooth the procedure went, how caring you and your staff were, and how comfortable they were made. Unfortunately, you probably do not get to hear the direct feedback and praise you deserve after patients leave your office so I wanted to make sure, on behalf of my patients and my self, you and your staff know how much we all appreciate you!

Thank you!

Dr. Steve R.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

I would like to thank you very much for the work you did on my tooth, It feels much better. May the lord bless all of you.

Beverly B.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you so much for taking good care of me. from the front desk to the operatory, everyone was awesome! I now can explain to my patients how easy and gentle you all are. Thanks also for getting me in sooner and thanks for the professional courtesy!

Renee H.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

Thank you so much for doing the root canal for Adham. Your generosity and kindness is so appreciated by his family and by our People's Church Resettlement Team. Please also thank your staff for us. There were so kind and caring.

With gratitude,

Ann F.


Thank you so much for the great care I received at your office. Tooth #30 feels great! Thank you also for the care you have provided for my patients over the years. Very much appreciated!

Dr. Dave H.


Thank you! That was the most professional, first class dentistry I have ever been involved in. The office staff was courteous, beautiful, helpful and just plain nice. It wasn't the fake nice, but a nice that makes a person just want to smile. They just plain made me think they wanted people to be there, and we've all been in offices where the opposite was true. I was promptly put into a chair and the assistant to the dentist was knowledgeable, professional, and very business like without being overly chatty. The dentist did not perform dentistry, but more of an art from within scientific boundaries. She was thorough, didn't ask me any questions when she knew I could not respond, and was so gentle with the drill I thought about asking if she would repeat the procedure just for fun. Seriously, FIRST CLASS OPERATION! Thank you very much. It's rare that something impresses me like the entire operation of that dental office did. From top to bottom, from being aesthetically pleasing, to having no pain during or after the procedure, you are the model for which other offices should strive to be.

Tom A.


I really appreciate your office fitting me in your schedule! I was very uncomfortable and you made my experience so peaceful. Thanks again!

Julie VB.


Really appreciated the pleasant welcome to your practice, the professional assessment and the above and beyond assistance for a short term patient.

Jim F.


Nahid and all of your wonderful staff,

Thank you for always taking such good care of our patients and staff when needed! You always seem to find time to squeeze our patients in on emergency bases. We hear nothing but positive feedback about their experiences. We love working with your office and appreciate all you do.

OF Dentistry


Thank you for getting me in on short notice, once again. I am very thankful for your kindness and appreciate all that you and your staff do!

Todd S.


Thank you so very much for your kindness and patience. I will never forget this! Forever my gratitude to you all!

Tracie M.


Dear Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you so much for all you did to squeeze me in for a root canal. I appreciate your effort more than you may realize. What a blessing is to be pain free. I owe it all to you and your amazing skills.

Pat VZ.


Congratulations on Diplomate status. It is always a pleasure and comfort to have patients visit your office.

Best wishes!

Dr. Thomas G.


Dr. Roghani,

We wanted to thank you for treating the patients we have sent to you so well. The comments from these patients have been very positive.

Dr. John C. and staff


Dr. Roghani,

I would like to thank all of your staff and you for making my childhood nightmares go away. Having a root canal is not what someone looks forward to getting. I hope that if I ever have the need to get another root canal treatment AME will be the place I will ask for.

Victor K.


Dr. Roghani,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the dental treatment I received during my visit to your clinic this morning.

Armeen P.


Dear Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you all so much for everything you have done, above and beyond!

Mary Elizabeth B.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Everyone was so friendly and helpful to me. Your new office looks awesome!

Thank you!

Bob T.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful, professional treatment you performed on my sick tooth the other day. I had no pain at all during treatment and was pain free immediately after the anesthetic wore off. I did not need any analgesics. Your office is beautiful and modern with all the latest technology. More importantly, you and your staff are extremely kind and caring. I have been to many dental offices and yours was by far the best service I have ever experienced. Thank you again for your expert care along with your staff.

Dr. Steve M.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Dr. Susan D. and staff


Thank you for the compassionate care you provide to our dental family! You have been a blessing to us.

Dr. Brian M.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you for taking such good care of our patients and being flexible in your schedule those times we've called and asked for favor. It was most kind of you!

Dr. Thomas F and staff


Dear Dr. Roghani,

Thank you so much for taking care of my tooth. I am free of pain and so appreciate your care. Again thank you and your staff for your kindness.

Robin G.


Dr. Roghani and Staff,

Just wanted to say thank you for being great! Our patients only have wonderful things to say about you, and we appreciate you squeezing emergencies into your busy schedule!

O Family Dentistry


We just wanted to say thank you for getting Jack in so quickly for his root canal! You were absolutely great to Jack and very patient with him and me! Thank you for your kindness, patience, thoughtfulness and the way you treated our son, for what could have been a traumatic dental visit for him, turned out in his words to be " No Big Deal!" He turned 13 on Saturday so again getting him in so quickly made his "13th" birthday very cool!

Thanks again and God bless you and your staff!

Bridgett S.


Dr. Roghani and Staff,

We appreciate the wonderful care that you give our patients!

Dr. VZ.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for taking such great care of me. My tooth feels great! Thanks to the exceptional care that you and your assistant provided! Keep up the good work. You girls rock!

Brent L.


I just wanted to take a minute and thank Dr. Roghani and the staff for doing such an awesome job on my recent root canal. They made me feel so comfortable and made sure I was not in pain or anxious. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone. Thanks again!!

Liz W.


Good day!  I just wanted to take moment and recognize you and your staff for the professional atmosphere during my recent visit.  Everything in your office from staff to equipment was very impressive.  I thank you all for a job well done and wish you and your staff only the best life has to offer.

Charlie W.


Dear Dr. Roghani and Staff,

Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly. You and your staff are terrific! I am back to enjoying my hot tea again.

Thank you again,

Sheri F.


It's been a week and my tooth feels great! Thank you all for the awesome care you gave me!

Kellie S.


Dr. Roghani,

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your help and so glad you are in my life! Please give my regards to your great staff that made me feel so welcomed!

Minou R.


Thanks to Dr. Roghani and staff for your wonderful expert treatment and your continued service to our Veterans!

Dr. M.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

Just a brief note to thank you for the very professional care and kindness extended to me at my appointment!


Alan H.


Thank you and all your staff for making this procedure as pleasant as possible. I appreciate you gentleness and confidence. Thanks to those scheduling and getting me in so quick. Your office is wonderful. Thanks so much. I will be recommending your office to anyone who asks.

Have a blessed day!

Kim S.


Dear Dr. Roghani and staff,

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for calling to my attention my high blood pressure reading. My doctor confirmed that I was at risk of hypertension. With changes to my diet and more exercise I have been able to control it. I am truly grateful for your office getting me in to see my doctor before it got really bad.


Scott D.


Dear DR. Roghani,

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your generosity. I have never received such benevolence from a healthcare professional before! It tells me a lot about your caring and kindness! Thank you so much!

Rueith L.


A huge thank you for the services. I really appreciate it!

Denis V.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you so very much for the excellent care you gave me in evaluating my problem, and the eventual root canal. That was my record and I can say you did an AWESOME job! I am now pain free! You and your staff are very kind, caring, compassionate, yet professional! Thank you again!

Cindy T.


Dr. Roghani,

I would like to let you know that I overheard a conversation of a colleague and one of his patients about you.  He asked how it went, and she said "wonderful"!  He said you are the only specialist he knows that people always rave about.  He talked about the other specialists, and said that he sends everyone your way because his patients "love" you so much!
Thank you and your entire staff for never giving up on that extra special touch and care you deliver!

Dr. M.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

I'm writing to thank-you and your staff for the expert and tender care you gave me while I was a patient in your office. You, Cara and Cheri were all professional yet cordial as well so that I felt at ease and confident in your care.

With sincere appreciation,

Sally E.


Dear Dr. Roghani and team,

My team and I greatly appreciate your great care with our patients.

Dr. L.


Dr. Roghani,

Thanks so much for your hard work and expert care of my tooth. I so appreciate it!

Cheryl T.


Thank you so much for your kindness and care during the root canal treatment. With sincere appreciation!

Nancy G.


Dr. Roghani,

I would like to thank you, Lori and Debbie for coming in on a holiday weekend to fix my painful tooth. All three of you were very patient, very kind, very professional and very good at your jobs! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Gary M.


Thank You for the personal treatment that you provide for our patients.

Dr. D.


Dear Nahid,

Thank you so much very much for your excellent care. This was my first root canal and I was very nervous. From beginning to end you and your staff put me completely at ease. Your warm and professional manner was a great comfort. I was never in any discomfort what so ever. Thank you, too, to your staff that made the registration process so effortless. You are a fantastic addition to the dental community.

With greatest appreciation

June S.


Dr. Roghani and her wonderful staff,

Thanks again for my care and total relief from pain! I will not forget you all and I am telling my friends about your skill level.

Cathy K.


Dear Dr. Roghani and staff,

I would like to thank you all so much for all your prompt action to see my daughter for a root canal. I was in a panic as my husband and I ware leaving the country and your staff were caring and compassionate with our situation and did everything possible to get her seen ASAP. I have had two very positive experiences at your office and will continue to be a loyal customer if need be!! Thank you all so very much!

Lisa R.



Just a quick note to say "thank you" to all of you! I never would have thought having dental work could be a pleasant experience!

Heather H.


Dr. Roghani,

Just wanted to thank you again for being so willing to help me. Also to let you know that the pain is all gone! It is so great to be able to drink cold water without it hurting. Thank You!

Denise S.


Dr. Roghani,

I would like to thank everyone in your office for the wonderful treatment that I received yesterday.  All of the staff were friendly and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

Lynda T.


Thank you for your help. You and your staff are just great!!...Thanks Again!!

Gene W.


Dr. Roghani and staff,

Thank you so much for your wonderful care. I couldn't have been more pleased. You all are truly amazing! Thanks again.

Jenny B.


Thank you all for your care and expertise. Doctor, you saved my smile. Sincerely,

Carol L.


Thanks again for your excellent service. I am doing great.

Kathy P.


Thank you so much Dr. Roghani and staff for all your hospitality and professional care. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all that you've done for me and working me into your schedule. Congratulations on a beautiful off, outstanding staff and a successful future.



Dear Dr. Roghani,

My husband and I want to thank you sincerely for both your persistent efforts in regards to my recent root canal.  You could not have worked harder!  Again many thanks.

S and J


Dear Nahid, Sara and Alyssa,

You are all so kind and generous. I am so grateful you were able to fix my tooth. I know it wasn't easy but we made it and I feel great! Thanks for being the hardest working, and the most patient dental office in Kalamazoo, or may be the whole state of Michigan.

Natalie V.


Dear Dr. Roghani and "Angel Staff",

Just a little note to thank you from the heart for all your kindness and caring while I was in your care.  You are a wonderful team! Your grateful patient.



Dr. Roghani and Ladies,

I want to thank you for getting me in to your office so quickly, and I appreciate everything you did to try to save my tooth. I have been to at least a dozen of dentists in my lifetime, Dr Roghani, and I want  you and your staff to know that you are the kindest, friendliest and most caring group of people I have ever dealt with.

If it is ever necessary that I need endodontic treatment in the future, I will definitely come to see you.




It was so nice to meet you and Dr. Roghani and can’t thank you all enough for getting me in. Thanks again that was the most comfortable and “enjoyable” root canal I’ve had! Take care,



I want to compliment all of you on the added effort which you put into helping your patients feel at ease. You certainly eased my tension with your light-hearted banter, and Dr. Roghani was so patient with all my questions. Actually, I felt like she enjoyed my interest. Many people are put off by engineers' incessant curiosity, but not you folks!



Dr. Roghani & Staff:

You and your office staff are the best.  My experience was pain-free and did not have any complications.  Good Job.  Well done.  Thanks again so much.



Dr. Roghani & Sara:

Thank you so much for getting me in on Tuesday for the root canal.  I feel so much better and the soreness is gone.  I wish you success in your new venture and will recommend you to anyone who needs this treatment.  Thanks.



Dr. Roghani & Staff:

Thank you so much for helping me out last week.  I trusted Dr. V when he sent me to you-however the service was excellent!  Bill and I felt that my care was so professional and you phone calls were greatly appreciated.  Hopefully I will not be back any time soon, but should I need any work done I will call as well as tell our friends and family about you.

Thank you again.



Dr. Roghani:

Thank you!  The root canal was hard for me, but you and Sara were very good at what you do, and you were both compassionate!  Your generosity has been a blessing in my life.  Your skills and your practice will always be highly recommended by me!

Thank You.



Dr. Roghani:

You are a wonder.  I would not have known you even touched the tooth.  Did you ever know of someone dozing off to sleep?



Dr. Roghani:

Thank you for performing an excellent and painless root canal.  I was a patient referred by Dr. D before the Christmas holiday. I was able to enjoy the Holiday Season pain free.  You are the top of my referral list for endodontic treatment.  Best wishes for continued success in 2009.



Dr. Roghani:

Thank you for your gentleness and professionalism.



Dear Nahid,

I wish to thank you for taking such excellent care of my patients I have referred to you over the years. I wish you continued success in your endodontic practice.

Dr. Jack L.


Dear Dr. Roghani,

You are the best root canal doctor. Thanks for fixing my tooth.

Evan S.